• A peek into High End Munich fair – Part 1

    High-end: a term that defines home audio systems that pursue the highest fidelity of sound, are insanely unlimited in terms of size, weight, power consumption and obviously, price. Heaven and hell together, in a way. And it is also the excuse for some people with large wallets to speak as if they were musical producers or sound engineers, especially with a classical music record pressed before 1970 in their hands; boring people who listen and talk about sound instead of music. I'm sure you k READ MORE

  • The High-End Show Report – Munich 2019 – By Phil Gold

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    The Munich HIGH END show is full of interest – live music, fast cars, new products, fine people, you name it. I’m here to introduce you to some of my personal highlights but be aware no one can see everything in such a large show, and I will limit myself to twelve stops. So here goes, in no particular order. NAGRA AUDIO This may be the best sounding room at the show. And this is not your grandfather’s Nagra. In the last few years I’ve heard a great improvement in the sound o READ MORE

  • Why So Many Music Listeners Are Choosing Integrated Amplifiers Today

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    An increasing number of audiophiles and casual music listeners are considering integrated amplifier today - why is that?  Our sister publication NOVO magazine takes a close look at what makes this category so attractive to more customers today than ever before. Jump here to read the article: https://novo.press/integrated-amplifier-buyer-guide-why-so-many-music-listeners-are-choosing-integrated-amplifiers-today/ READ MORE

  • Meet the Artist: An Interview with Ray Montford, Canadian Composer, Guitarist, Producer & Engineer

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    Introduction by Suave Kajko, Publisher of NOVO High-End Ray Montford is a very talented Ottawa-born composer and guitarist, with nine albums under his belt.  He also finds himself in the role of a producer and engineer at his state-of-the-art studio called Anchor Sound, near Wakefield, Quebec, where he records his own music as well as other musicians.  I had the pleasure of hearing Ray perform at an intimate live show in downtown Toronto around 2012, while he was touring to promote his READ MORE

  • Building a Dedicated Sound Room by Phil Gold

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    After 30 years of living in a suburban two storey house, my wife and I decided to move downtown and into an apartment. We each had specific requirements. Mine included a dedicated listening space. That was one of her requirements too – that I should have a dedicated listening space, so she should not be disturbed while I was listening. We spent over a year checking out building after building. Eventually we found one we both liked, walking distance to the center of town, close to all am READ MORE

  • Phono Stage Buying Guide: What You Need to Know When Shopping for a Phono Stage For Your Turntable

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    Vinyl is back..for good! At the end of a nice long listening session with my Rega Planar 6 w/ the Ania MC cartridge, feeding the outstanding  Bryston BP-2 MM/MC Phono Preamp, I just finished spinning all four sides of an original Elektra pressing of The Doors classic Absolutely Live, and two things occurred to me as I lifted the needle at the end of the last track. First, there is no denying, the vinyl “revival” is far more than a revival, it is in its second boom period! With new READ MORE

  • Sonus Faber Seminar Celebrating Italian manufacturer Sonus faber’s 35th Anniversary

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    This excellent story is "reprinted" with permission from our friends over at Enjoy the Music . com. Have you heard about the 1900 Building in Kansas City? Well, neither had I. Former office and factory for H.D. Lee's Jeans, the building was recently adapted to a new purpose by developer Steve Karbank. The building now includes multiple performance and conference spaces, a fitness room, a delightful outdoor courtyard and a wonderful restaurant. See my soup! Now Steve just happens to READ MORE

  • Sonic Qualities that Audiophiles & Audio Critics look for in High End 2-Channel Stereo Systems

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    A semi-profound simile used in 2-channel audiophile reviewer circles posits: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Said another way, English is a lousy language for describing how things sound. So how exactly do audio critics “describe” stereo sound? This article will provide some insight into the various sonic qualities that audiophiles want to hear from stereo systems and the various terms that audio reviewers use to describe sonic characteristics. The freque READ MORE

  • From the Recording Studio to Your High-End System: Insights From an Industry Expert

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    When we listen to music on our audio systems, the last thing on most people’s minds would be what decisions were made by the recording professionals involved, in the process of recording any given piece of music. This is only natural, as we want to enjoy the music to its fullest, and not be distracted by the intricacies of the recording sessions. And yet, when the listener is informed of some of the why’s and how’s of the studio methods, it can often result in much greater enjoyment of READ MORE

  • Improving Your Power Distribution System: Getting the Very Best Sound Out of Your System

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    Introduction by Steven Huang What is the common goal that all High End audiophiles seek? • To create a system that recreates the experience of a concert hall performance. • An interest in companies that that incorporate leading-edge audio technologies in their products. • An appreciation of master craftsmanship and the visual beauty of components like loudspeakers and turntables. • To assemble a cost is no object system to impress those in your social circle. • To turn water i READ MORE