• Totem KIN Play Powered Bluetooth Speaker Review

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    If you're in the market for a great sounding pair of powered Bluetooth speakers then you'd be wise to check out the Totem KIN Play speakers. Our sister site NOVO just performed a test of these puppies! Check it out HERE! READ MORE

  • Audio Solutions Figaro M Speaker Review

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    It’s always fun to learn about a new audio manufacturer, especially one that manages to impress you with the performance and quality of its products.  I first learned about Audio Solutions from Canadian high-end audio retailer Sonic Artistry who offered to lend me a pair of the company’s Figaro M speakers at the end of 2018.  Founded by speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, Audio Solutions is a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer based in Vilnius, Lithuania.  A lot of very interesting hi READ MORE

  • Larsen Model 6.2 Loudspeaker Review

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    Today’s HiFi industry offers a wide variety of speaker systems, from conventional box cabinet designs to electrostatic to exotic horn loaded speakers. Yet a lot of these designs don't necessarily fit into the lifestyles of many people and those that do fit, more often than not, don't provide the quality of sound many discerning consumers are looking for. But thankfully this predicament has an excellent solution. Swedish loudspeaker manufacturer Larsen offers a range of speakers that not READ MORE

  • EgglestonWorks Emma EVOlution Speaker Review

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    When I was 15, my older brother gave me my first real stereo. I loved it.  It was amazing to me.  The amp was an Akai integrated, a  brushed aluminum beauty with a lot of aluminum knobs and dials. It had very cool  VU meters and a walnut case.  The turntable was equally beautiful, also Japanese.  It was a Kenwood with a granite-like finish and a very deliberate looking tonearm.  The speakers were made by Realistic, and like most speakers of that time, housed in sealed particle board b READ MORE

  • Focal Kanta N°2 Loudspeakers Review

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    Since 1979, Focal has been designing and manufacturing high-fidelity audio products.  The French company, based in Saint-Étienne, produces a full slew of products, including home loudspeakers, car speaker audio, studio monitors and over the last few years, headphones.  All Focal products are designed in-house, in France, while their high-end products are manufactured there, as well.  Take a look at any Focal high-end product and you will find the three words…‘Made In France’ proudl READ MORE

  • NOVO May / June 2018 Digital Issue

    The digital edition of our sister publication NOVO is now available for your reading pleasure! Features inside this issue: Tech Fails to Avoid When Travelling: 5 Great Tech Gadgets to Take on Your Next Vacation The Journey to Higher Quality Audio with Nordost Leif Cables: Part 2 FutureWorld: The rise of robots, artificial intelligence and smart machines Meet the Maker: Italian Made Unison Research & Opera Loudspeakers/li> Totem Acoustic In-Wall vs On-Wall Speakers. READ MORE