• Audio Research VT80 SE Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review

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    Our sister site NOVO just published a review of the outstanding Audio Research VT80 SE vacuum tube power amp. If you've ever listened to Audio Research electronics you probably have an idea of the performance these components are capable of. Check out the review here: https://novo.press/audio-research-vt80-se-vacuum-tube-power-amplifier-review/ READ MORE

  • Audio Research LS28 Vacuum Tube Pre-amplifier Review

    Based in Plymouth Minnesota, Audio Research Corporation (ARC) was founded by Bill Johnson in 1970. Just shy of 50 years in business, ARC has accumulated a half-century’s worth of expertise in fabricating vacuum tube audio gear. All of their gear is proudly made in the USA. Assessed on reliability, sound quality, and value, Audio Research’s gear consistently ranks amongst the best. When NOVO asked if I’d review ARC’s new LS28 vacuum tube line stage, I almost twisted an ankle trying READ MORE

  • Swan Song Audio Cygnet Class A Headphone Amp/Upsampling DAC Review

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    If you like your luxury headphone amp/DAC petite, pretty and potent, Swan Song Audio is listening. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma this specialty company has built an enviable reputation for itself with an extensive catalog of custom solid state and tube audio components and speakers, ranging from their "portable" Cygnet line of headphone gear up to their Black Swan tube pre and amplifier exotics. My last encounter with their White Swan Class A Headphone Amp/DAC/Pre was a thoroughly satisfying soni READ MORE

  • McIntosh Labs MC312 Power Amplifier Review – One of the Best Amplifiers of 2019

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    If you're looking to take the performance of your audio system to the next level, then you might want to take a look at the McIntosh Labs MC312 power amplifier.  Our sister publication NOVO just published a review of this fabulous sounding amp!  Check it out at: https://novo.press/mcintosh-labs-mc312-power-amplifier-review-one-of-the-best-amplifiers-of-2019/ READ MORE

  • EMM Labs PRE Preamplifier Review – The Best Preamplifier in 2019?

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    It’s a strange world. EMM Labs new Reference Preamplifier is called the PRE ($25k US). Their previous Reference Preamplifier, still available, is the PRE2 ($15k US). The PRE2 is the best sounding preamp I’ve had in my system prior to the arrival of the PRE. It’s as neutral and transparent as they come. Can the new PRE top that? Is it worth the 67% premium? The new PRE is a much more substantial animal than the PRE2. It measures 438mm x 400mm x 161mm (wdh) and weighs a substantial 17 READ MORE

  • Engström Monica Preamplifier Review

    Please welcome Khairul Faizi Mohammad to the NOVO High-End writing team! Khairul lives in a small town on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  His audio journey started in University during the early 90s with a humble “separate” system.  His quest for the ultimate sound began after spending countless hours in a Nottingham living room of a famous British horn loudspeaker designer.  Khairul is a newbie at writing formal audio component reviews but has been contributing his thoughts READ MORE

  • Accuphase E370 Integrated Amplifier Review – Honest to the Music

    Please welcome Shahril Mokhtar to the NOVO High-End writing team! Shahril hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His deep interest in hifi started back in the early 90s when he acquired a vintage Sansui hifi system from his late father.  Shahril began providing opinions on hifi, home theater and headfi topics in online forums in 2005 and became the moderator of one of the most active forums in Malaysia and Singapore. As he attracted more followers, he started his own review blog at www.notanoth READ MORE

  • Soulution Audio 330 Integrated Amplifier Review

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    The review sample was provided to us by Canadian distributor Tri-cell Enterprises (www.tricellenterprises.com). We can look at the 330 Integrated Amplifier (330 INT for short) in two ways: This is one of the most expensive integrated amplifiers you can buy, at $20,000 US for the base unit and an additional $3,000 US for the phono option and $4,125 US for the DAC option for a grand total of $27,125 US. Or This is easily the most affordable pre and power amp combination fabled high READ MORE

  • Swan Song Audio White Swan Headphone Amplifier / Preamplifier with Built-in DAC Review

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    Is your spouse redecorating your listening space in their mind? Do you lust after mortgage priced statement audio gear but your room and wallet size say no? Take heart! There is an alternative. A high-end headphone package can attain all the sonic virtues of the priciest big rigs at a fraction of the cost and occupies almost no floor space. Prepare to trade the shared musical experience for the highest reaches of intimate listening bliss, because Swan Song Audio wants to lift you into that h READ MORE

  • Gold Note PH-10 Phono-Stage and Gold Note PSU-10 A/C Power Supply Review

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    Having recently reviewed Gold Note’s stunningly good sounding P-1000 solid state pre-amplifier, when NOVO asked if I’d like to review Gold Note’s PH-10 solid state phono stage ($1,500 USD) and PSU-10 upgrade A/C power supply ($1100 USD), I was more excited than Tom Cruise bouncing up and down on one of Oprah’s interview sofas. PH-10 Phono Stage: Based out of Firenze Italy, Gold Note are world renowned for fabricating high-end turntables, tonearms, cartridges, amplifiers, an READ MORE