• Gravelli Virtuoso – Concrete Enclosure Active Speakers

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    After more than five years of research, development and dozens of prototypes, Gravelli is introducing a new line of fully active high-end home audio speakers.

    The first model in the series are the VIRTUOSO. Autonomous, fully active stereo speakers, custom designed and housed in a concrete enclosure. The specially modified concrete enables the VIRTUOSO speakers to reach its best acoustic properties in the smallest form possible but with a big sound, comparable to the finest high-end audio systems built using separate components. This all-in-one concept ensures a hassle free set up since there is no need to connect various components, preamplifiers etc.; all of the components that make up the VIRTUOSO speakers have been carefully chosen and ideally matched to each other. The uniquely constructed enclosure is a multiple layer self-dampening sandwich combined with internally damped concrete to guarantee minimal distortion and perfect imaging even at surprisingly high volume levels.

    This approach is not very common in the audio world and it works very well for those with limited space in their interiors, who appreciate modern, minimalist design but still expect the highest sound quality. The VIRTUOSO speakers are available in three colours of concrete and the front panels in carbon fibre, stainless steel, polished copper and brass; 18-carat gold plated or rusted steel (Corten) for a total of 18 combinations to suit your taste and to complement your interior.

    Gravelli has brought the project to life with its long-term knowledge and experience in concrete processing in collaboration with Ondřej Chutný, an expert audio constructor of high-end audio systems, bringing together technology and emotions, bringing you the best of both worlds.

    For more info, please visit audio.gravelli.com

    Suave Kajko

    Suave Kajko

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