• Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato Headphone Review

    Established in Japan in 1962, Audio-Technica is a worldwide group of companies devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of audio equipment. Initially known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, Audio-Technica now creates high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers, and electronic products for home and professional use. Winner of numerous industry awards, Audio-Technica manufactures products that set quality, durability and price / perfor READ MORE

  • McIntosh Labs MC312 Power Amplifier Review – One of the Best Amplifiers of 2019

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    If you're looking to take the performance of your audio system to the next level, then you might want to take a look at the McIntosh Labs MC312 power amplifier.  Our sister publication NOVO just published a review of this fabulous sounding amp!  Check it out at: https://novo.press/mcintosh-labs-mc312-power-amplifier-review-one-of-the-best-amplifiers-of-2019/ READ MORE

  • Audio Solutions Figaro M Speaker Review

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    It’s always fun to learn about a new audio manufacturer, especially one that manages to impress you with the performance and quality of its products.  I first learned about Audio Solutions from Canadian high-end audio retailer Sonic Artistry who offered to lend me a pair of the company’s Figaro M speakers at the end of 2018.  Founded by speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, Audio Solutions is a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer based in Vilnius, Lithuania.  A lot of very interesting hi READ MORE

  • EMM Labs PRE Preamplifier Review – The Best Preamplifier in 2019?

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    It’s a strange world. EMM Labs new Reference Preamplifier is called the PRE ($25k US). Their previous Reference Preamplifier, still available, is the PRE2 ($15k US). The PRE2 is the best sounding preamp I’ve had in my system prior to the arrival of the PRE. It’s as neutral and transparent as they come. Can the new PRE top that? Is it worth the 67% premium? The new PRE is a much more substantial animal than the PRE2. It measures 438mm x 400mm x 161mm (wdh) and weighs a substantial 17 READ MORE

  • Kirmuss Audio Ultra-Sonic Vinyl Restoration System Review

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    If you own a good sized record collection - this is an absolute MUST HAVE accessory.  Simply put, this is the best turntable accessory we have ever come across.  Check out the review of the Kirmuss Audio Ultra-Sonic Vinyl Restoration System on our sister site NOVO High-End. READ MORE

  • Synergistic Research High Frequency Transducers and Black Box Bass Tuning Device Reviews

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    An experienced audiophile friend of mine named Allan who knows the sound of my main 2-channel tube rig almost as well as I do recently visited my home. After listening to one of his favourite CDs, he asked: “Did you buy a new $20,000 pre-amp? “No.” I replied. “A new $10,000 tube DAC or upsampler?” “Nope… strike two.” “New speaker cables or interconnects?” “Nope.” “So… what did you do to make it sound like this?” “Like what…?” I asked, READ MORE

  • Larsen Model 6.2 Loudspeaker Review

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    Today’s HiFi industry offers a wide variety of speaker systems, from conventional box cabinet designs to electrostatic to exotic horn loaded speakers. Yet a lot of these designs don't necessarily fit into the lifestyles of many people and those that do fit, more often than not, don't provide the quality of sound many discerning consumers are looking for. But thankfully this predicament has an excellent solution. Swedish loudspeaker manufacturer Larsen offers a range of speakers that not READ MORE

  • Engström Monica Preamplifier Review

    Please welcome Khairul Faizi Mohammad to the NOVO High-End writing team! Khairul lives in a small town on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  His audio journey started in University during the early 90s with a humble “separate” system.  His quest for the ultimate sound began after spending countless hours in a Nottingham living room of a famous British horn loudspeaker designer.  Khairul is a newbie at writing formal audio component reviews but has been contributing his thoughts READ MORE

  • EgglestonWorks Emma EVOlution Speaker Review

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    When I was 15, my older brother gave me my first real stereo. I loved it.  It was amazing to me.  The amp was an Akai integrated, a  brushed aluminum beauty with a lot of aluminum knobs and dials. It had very cool  VU meters and a walnut case.  The turntable was equally beautiful, also Japanese.  It was a Kenwood with a granite-like finish and a very deliberate looking tonearm.  The speakers were made by Realistic, and like most speakers of that time, housed in sealed particle board b READ MORE

  • Accuphase E370 Integrated Amplifier Review – Honest to the Music

    Please welcome Shahril Mokhtar to the NOVO High-End writing team! Shahril hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His deep interest in hifi started back in the early 90s when he acquired a vintage Sansui hifi system from his late father.  Shahril began providing opinions on hifi, home theater and headfi topics in online forums in 2005 and became the moderator of one of the most active forums in Malaysia and Singapore. As he attracted more followers, he started his own review blog at www.notanoth READ MORE