• Audio Research VT80 SE Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review

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    Our sister site NOVO just published a review of the outstanding Audio Research VT80 SE vacuum tube power amp. If you've ever listened to Audio Research electronics you probably have an idea of the performance these components are capable of. Check out the review here: https://novo.press/audio-research-vt80-se-vacuum-tube-power-amplifier-review/ READ MORE

  • Totem KIN Play Powered Bluetooth Speaker Review

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    If you're in the market for a great sounding pair of powered Bluetooth speakers then you'd be wise to check out the Totem KIN Play speakers. Our sister site NOVO just performed a test of these puppies! Check it out HERE! READ MORE

  • Audio Research LS28 Vacuum Tube Pre-amplifier Review

    Based in Plymouth Minnesota, Audio Research Corporation (ARC) was founded by Bill Johnson in 1970. Just shy of 50 years in business, ARC has accumulated a half-century’s worth of expertise in fabricating vacuum tube audio gear. All of their gear is proudly made in the USA. Assessed on reliability, sound quality, and value, Audio Research’s gear consistently ranks amongst the best. When NOVO asked if I’d review ARC’s new LS28 vacuum tube line stage, I almost twisted an ankle trying READ MORE

  • Audience frontRow powerChord Review

    Southern California based Audience has been a highly respected audiophile cable manufacturer for decades and a maker of some of the best power conditioning products on the market. Interestingly, they also designed and brought to market unique single driver loudspeakers, and supply ultra high quality OEM parts, including transformers and capacitors, to other manufacturers. Please read the full review over at our sister site NOVO Magazine READ MORE

  • Vermouth Audio Reference Series XLR Interconnect Cable and Power Cable Review

    Clarity Is the Reference Series' Forte! Vermouth Audio is one of Indonesia’s hidden gems when it comes to hand crafted high-end audio cables. Located on the beautiful island of Bali, the company was founded in 2010 by Hendry Ramli. Mr. Ramli, a man with a huge passion for audio, had a dream to help other music lovers achieve the highest standard of audio by developing high quality cables at reasonable price points. Today, Vermouth Audio designs and manufactures an attractive selection of ca READ MORE

  • Furutech DSS-4.1 Speaker Cable Review

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    Japan… land of the rising HiFi. When one thinks of Japanese cultural symbols, thoughts of drift cars, pachinko machines, portable music players, and Shinkansen bullet trains readily… ehm… drift through the mind. Japan is a detail-oriented country. No other society on earth can so happily obsess on making minor improvements to small items to invoke significant increases in overall performance -- especially with cars and electronics. Founded in April 1988, Japanese specialist parts an READ MORE

  • Swan Song Audio Cygnet Class A Headphone Amp/Upsampling DAC Review

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    If you like your luxury headphone amp/DAC petite, pretty and potent, Swan Song Audio is listening. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma this specialty company has built an enviable reputation for itself with an extensive catalog of custom solid state and tube audio components and speakers, ranging from their "portable" Cygnet line of headphone gear up to their Black Swan tube pre and amplifier exotics. My last encounter with their White Swan Class A Headphone Amp/DAC/Pre was a thoroughly satisfying soni READ MORE

  • Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato Headphone Review

    Established in Japan in 1962, Audio-Technica is a worldwide group of companies devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of audio equipment. Initially known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, Audio-Technica now creates high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers, and electronic products for home and professional use. Winner of numerous industry awards, Audio-Technica manufactures products that set quality, durability and price / perfor READ MORE

  • McIntosh Labs MC312 Power Amplifier Review – One of the Best Amplifiers of 2019

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    If you're looking to take the performance of your audio system to the next level, then you might want to take a look at the McIntosh Labs MC312 power amplifier.  Our sister publication NOVO just published a review of this fabulous sounding amp!  Check it out at: https://novo.press/mcintosh-labs-mc312-power-amplifier-review-one-of-the-best-amplifiers-of-2019/ READ MORE

  • Audio Solutions Figaro M Speaker Review

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    It’s always fun to learn about a new audio manufacturer, especially one that manages to impress you with the performance and quality of its products.  I first learned about Audio Solutions from Canadian high-end audio retailer Sonic Artistry who offered to lend me a pair of the company’s Figaro M speakers at the end of 2018.  Founded by speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, Audio Solutions is a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer based in Vilnius, Lithuania.  A lot of very interesting hi READ MORE