• Gruensch Grand Reference, the Company’s New Ultimate Flagship Speaker

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    Since 1998 Gruensch has manufactured highly exclusive audio components and speakers in southern Germany and now the company has released its ultimate flagship speaker called the Gruensch Grand Reference. Years of fundamental research and development form the basis for this technologically and sonically outstanding reference loudspeaker. A unique, holistic technical concept was combined with an impressive, acoustically-ideal and elegant design to create a total work of art. Passion, dee READ MORE

  • Bryston BP-2 MM/MC Phono Preamp with the PS-3 Power Supply

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    Bryston, the Canadian high audio manufacturer who has been around for decades, has thrived with a loyal customer base because they do many things that just make sense. They are engineering driven, refusing to chase fads and trends, and price their gear very fairly. Their products are made in North America, with a build quality competitors should envy, with legendary reliability, backed by 20 year warranties on many products. Forget model churn, or marketing flash, you won’t find it here. READ MORE

  • Wilson Benesch Eminence Loudspeaker, the new Flagship Loudspeaker from Wilson Benesch

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    Wilson Benesch has just revealed a gorgeous new flagship loudspeakers called the Eminence. Since 1989 Wilson Benesch has pioneered the development of advanced carbon composite loudspeaker enclosures. The A.C.T. Monocoque enclosure offers the lowest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry, setting the benchmark in performance for others to aspire to. Never the less, the launch of the Cardinal loudspeaker in 2013 represented a bold design statement, defining an ambitious line of products that READ MORE

  • Sonus Faber Seminar Celebrating Italian manufacturer Sonus faber’s 35th Anniversary

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    This excellent story is "reprinted" with permission from our friends over at Enjoy the Music . com. Have you heard about the 1900 Building in Kansas City? Well, neither had I. Former office and factory for H.D. Lee's Jeans, the building was recently adapted to a new purpose by developer Steve Karbank. The building now includes multiple performance and conference spaces, a fitness room, a delightful outdoor courtyard and a wonderful restaurant. See my soup! Now Steve just happens to READ MORE

  • From the Recording Studio to Your High-End System: Insights From an Industry Expert

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    When we listen to music on our audio systems, the last thing on most people’s minds would be what decisions were made by the recording professionals involved, in the process of recording any given piece of music. This is only natural, as we want to enjoy the music to its fullest, and not be distracted by the intricacies of the recording sessions. And yet, when the listener is informed of some of the why’s and how’s of the studio methods, it can often result in much greater enjoyment of READ MORE

  • VAC Renaissance Mk V Pre Amplifier With MM/MC Phono Stage Review

    If you're in the market for a high-end tube-based preamp and a versatile photo stage then look no further than the VAC Renaissance Mk V - our friends at Enjoy the Music just posted a fantastic review of this preamp.  Check it out HERE.   READ MORE

  • Product News: Nordost SuperFlatline Speaker Cable

    Nordost has just reintroduced a true Nordost classic, the SuperFlatline Speaker Cable. SuperFlatline was one of the original cable options that put Nordost on the map. Easily distinguishable by its trademark, flat design, SuperFlatline quickly became known throughout the industry as one of the most respected high end speaker cables, offering an unmatched performance level at its price point. This highly sought after product offers detail, clarity, and purity throughout the whole frequency sp READ MORE